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Bryan Prietz

"Photography started as an interest and quickly grew into a passion"


My photography interest started in my teen years. I spent every free moment outdoors with my camera.

Using a Nikon 35mm film camera, you could always find me in the woodlands of our family farm without filters, interchangeable lens, external lighting or even a tripod, just a point and shoot but I loved it.

Anything interesting that caught my attention was coming home with me on film. 

Advancements in camera technology has changed the photography world. Today I'm still going in those same woodlands, although now with a digital DSLR. 

Although I have may other hobbies, photography is the one I'm most passionate about right now. My interests are Outdoor,

Landscape and Fine Art Photography. 

I'm not a professional, just an enthusiast who loves photography. Some of my photos are decorating the walls of our home and some have sold but I do not make a living doing so. For those who have purchased my photos...I really do appreciate it and I thank you.

Traveling or exploring local areas always makes me feel relaxed and at peace. I also enjoy exploring urban areas as well; such as Baltimore City's inner harbor and abandoned buildings.

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